Reading and Poetry Performance

Alejandro as part of Los Lunes Workshop was invited to perform in a series of events in 2014

Pratt Art Institute – April 21, 2014 7pm Organizer Raquel Martínez (thesis on domestic labor and immigrant workers) Reading short story – La Raya By Alejandro IV Barragan


LIC Arts Festival – May 14th 7:pm
Gabino Castelan, Antonia Perez and Daniel Alexander Matthews. present
exhibition and installation explores the ideas of a living space, of memory, of privacy and public, of the “Worker.” Special guest from Los Lunes Workshop. Daisy Flores, Danahe Hernandez, Miguel Angeles, Celene Hernandez, Jhoana Montes, Mayra Pinacho and Alejandro IV Barragan read of poem – I have killed a man.
SPACE Gallery • 29-09 39th Ave. L.I.C., NY 11101


Un-Forgetting Memories
May 17 at Word Up Bookstore
Members of the Los Lunes bilingual literary workshop, hosted by Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Borders, will give a multidisciplinary poetry presentation.

Poets presenting:
Miguel Angel Angeles • Alejandro Barragan IV • Teodelina Basavilbaso • Carolina Drake • Daisy Flores • Mariel Escalante • Jonathan Martinez • Jhoana Montes
Mayra Pinacho • Celene Sanchez • Danae Sanchez

“Un-Forgetting is a process that condemns and liberates us to nostalgia, memories, and remembrances. We all have crossed borders, real and imaginary, and through writing we keep crossing borders. Writing as a process which allows us to forget, leave memories behind as we recreate new stories and trace new paths. Writing also implies that we remember, that we rescue those stories so that they are not lost in the hands of forgetfulness, in the border. Un-Forgetting means to remember, but also to recreate, through writing, what we are, what we were, what we want to be.”

New York Writers Union
Santiago Atunes Open Mic.

InnercityTimes Open Mic Events. 



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Speaking in Fragments

Rushing things every day is my specialty walking in day dreams as I sat tirelessly in front of m myself to avoid my own smile always look over my shoulder to understand I am nowhere “but I have always been nowhere” Sorry that was my subconscious matter explaining where I come from Delusional? Perhaps… never the less restless to the idea of unfortunate events you know the usual six, six, six, that is so handy when we need someone to blame. Unfortunate… yes we call that to a somewhat feeling of isolation, hypertension, fixation, correlation, extrapolation, injection and of course self destination. Better known as a self-stimulation on the absence of warm thoughts. No! Warm words from the one on the high horse from the one with open chest and tender tears the one with the soft tongue and pamper dreams the one who touched my beast the one who tasted my raw meet the one who devoured my words my feet just one to hold its hand speaking in fragmentsVideo
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