Speaking in Fragments

Rushing things every day is my specialty walking in day dreams as I sat tirelessly in front of m myself to avoid my own smile always look over my shoulder to understand I am nowhere “but I have always been nowhere” Sorry that was my subconscious matter explaining where I come from Delusional? Perhaps… never the less restless to the idea of unfortunate events you know the usual six, six, six, that is so handy when we need someone to blame. Unfortunate… yes we call that to a somewhat feeling of isolation, hypertension, fixation, correlation, extrapolation, injection and of course self destination. Better known as a self-stimulation on the absence of warm thoughts. No! Warm words from the one on the high horse from the one with open chest and tender tears the one with the soft tongue and pamper dreams the one who touched my beast the one who tasted my raw meet the one who devoured my words my feet just one to hold its hand speaking in fragmentsVideo